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A cast of a rare type of point from the Midland complex of Folsom related points of the Paleoindian period.  This point is from the Scharbauer site,  and shares both attributes of the Midland points and Folsom points, being fluted on one side and not the other.   The Midland complex is characterized by being very similar to Folsom in manufacture technology but not fluted.  Although this example is fluted on one side, it shows basal treatment more similar to Midland, and was considered to be part of the Midland complex collection at the Smithsonian Institution.  The site was named after Clarence Scharbauer who owned property that was part of the Midland site in Texas.  The Midland Complex of point types date similar to Folsom, at around 10 to 11,000 years ago, and are situated in the vegetated sand dune draws of the Llano Estacado, south of Midland, TX.  This point cast is a wonderful example of the possible connection between Midland and Folsom, as it shows attributes of both types.

Scharbauer Site Fluted Point CAST

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