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A new functional replica of a Shawnee tribe bow in the collections of the University Of Pennsylvania Museum.   The bow faithfully follows the measurements of the original except for a slight tapering of the last 6 inches towards tips, from 7/8th inch, now tapering to 1/2 inch. This is not a mass production item, but a piece made my hand, following the traditional techniques and materials of the original.  The original was made in hickory and measures 58 inches long.   Our stave was from a tree here in VA, and the bark stripped off in June, so that the back of the bow is the natural tree surface, as in the original.  It follows all the knots and undulations of the natural tree stave(see close up pics), and is not violated the way a modern board is machined.  By following the width and thickness measurements, our result was a bow shooting 44 pounds of pull at 28 inches of draw.  The bow was only tested to 28 inches which is proper for this length, and it should not be drawn further than that.   Although a replica, it is fully functional and should be considered dangerous and deadly, with the buyer assuming all responsibility for its safe use.   The bow comes with a modern dacron string in natural color.  

Shawnee Bow Functional Replica

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