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This example of a Solutrean biface was molded and cast from the authentic original in 2021.   It dates from the european Upper Paleolithic(around 22 to 26,000 years ago).  It was found in Itsuritz, France, and made in a grey french flint.   It measures 105mm long and 40mm wide. It was on generous loan from the Lowery Collection, originally deaccessioned 1960 Copenhagen Museum, National Museum of Denmark (Ex. Collection H. Pageault, Vienna: Ex. Dr. Hermann Meyer, Prehistoric Europe Archives, Germany). 

  The Solutrean period is Europe has a very special place in prehistory, as it represents some of the finest stone tool skill known to archaeology.   This fine example could have been used as knife or projectile point, and shows some resharpening use and edgewear.  It is a snapshot of Ice Age life where survival depended on supreme skill in toolmaking. (cast copyright Occpaleo 2021)

Solutrean Laurel Biface Cast

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