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This pecked and ground stone gouge was sent to Occpaleo for casting in 2021, from the Maine Historic Preservation Commission, to aid in the teaching programs for the Portland Public School Systems.  This is an excellent example of an Archaic to Woodland period(as far back as 8,000 years old) woodworking tool that is specialized for "scooping" out wood for hollow vessels that served for containers, bowls, and dugout canoes.   The stone measures 7 and 3/8ths inches/18.7cm long, and still shows the pecking marks for shaping, but the finished bit tip grinding for use.  It also shows damage after sharpening, and was used well.   The pictures above show this stone tool's edge compared to modern steel bowl carving gouge, as the undercut is crucial to the wood scooping motion that is very different from classic axe angles.  (Cast copyright Occpaleo 2022)

Stone Gouge Cast

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