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This new collection in 2020 offers 6 Clovis Culture lithic casts,  at a substantial discount of what they would cost individually. The set includes Clovis casts that are currently in our Paleoindian collection, and one new addition that is not sold individually here or anywhere else. (2nd Picture). This classic clovis was a donated here from the collection of the late Dr. Dennis Stanford. He discovered this point in a private collection in Ohio, and graciously allowed it to be mold and cast here for this collection. It measures 4 and a half inches long. The other points include the great new find of the Scott Fluted point from VA,  a large Crowfiled from KY, a Barnes stye from Deleware,  an obsidian Clovis from Dugaway Proving Grounds base in UT,  and a Redstone style from SC. For more information on these points, please check out the full description on the Paleoindian collection of our store. All of these points come with their individual information sheets with history, which can also be read here on our site info pages.

The Clovis Culture Cast Set

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