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This authentic archaeological artifact was mold and cast here, as part of a project for the Far Western Anthropological Group and the Dugway Proving Ground military base in Utah. The site is within the Great Salt Lake area (42TO5564) PSAL1676/FS67. Found in the UTTR (Utah test and training range) in the Topaz Mountains, Tooele County, UT, and measures 4 and 1/8th inches (103mm), and 29mm wide and was made in a high quality Obsidian.


Hasketts were typed after localities in Idaha, but are also found in the Great Basin and Oregon. The related group of sites in Utah's Great Basin tend to date out around 11,500 to 9,500 BP, around the transition of the Pleistocene/Holocene Paleo-Archaic time period.  The last picture above shows associated Western Stemmed Tradition points with this survey of the Great Basin (cast copyright Occpaleo 2023)

Utah Obsidian Haskett Point Cast

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