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10 casts limited supply.    Excavations in the mid 1960's revealed fluted point types in northern Alaska, and this example was from the Utukok River, in the Brooks Range.    The Utukok fluted point is one of the best and clear examples of what is now called the Northern Fluted Complex.    It has been of great interest to Paleoindian studies, as the northern fluted points seem to come from a later tradition compared to early Clovis Culture.   Dates are often in the 9 to 11,000 BP range, and experiments show they tend to be fluted with pressure methods instead of direct percussion,  perhaps more like Folsom technique and age compared to early Clovis.

  This point was sent to the Smithsonian Museum for molding and casting in 2013, for display at the Santa Fe PaleoOdyssey Conference for Paleoindian research.    We have a limited supply left over from that event, and are making these available for study and reference.

Utukok Fluted Point CAST/Alaska

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